Children's Services

The Child & Family center provides essential services to Mesa County families through a strong collaboration between Hilltop and Mesa County Department of Human Services staff. The collaboration increases training opportunities, materials, and resources across program, resulting in more comprehensive and consistent services for our clients.

Programs at the Child & Family Center include Family First, and B4 Babies & Beyond.


B4 Babies & Beyond

B4 Babies

Ensuring healthy women and children by providing access to quality health care insurance.

  • Provides application assistance and screening for Medicaid and CHP+ health care programs
  • Provides temporary insurance cards when eligible
  • Serves 47% of all pregnant woman in Mesa County
  • Assists in finding a physician and setting up prenatal appointments
  • Provides information on nutrition, growth and development, and healthy choices during pregnancy
  • Provides information and referrals to community resources
  • Translation and transportation services for spanish-speaking women
  • Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program - Smoking cessation program for pregnant women, with an incentive to earn free diapers for up to one year

Family First

Family First

Building strong families through in-home parenting support and education.

  • Weekly support and education groups for young moms and young dads
  • Parenting skills development provided in the home
  • Training camp for 1st time fathers
  • In-home visits beginning before the baby is born
  • Spanish-speaking staff always available
  • Referrals and support in meeting family needs
baby feet

Providing education, referrals and access to prenatal health care services to uninsured pregnant women in Montrose County.

  • Educational information regarding: nutrition, basic development (including effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs), and importance of prenatal care
  • An UPP Prenatal Mentor helps refer individuals to available community resources and who is bilingual-bicultural and provides translation assisting monolingual and Spanish-speaking women during pregnancy related and prenatal care appointments. Transportation is provided as needed
  • Tobacco free baby and me program
  • Community outreach and education

For more information contact Anita at: (970) 252-5097